Belton House is associated with King Edward VIIIs abdication in 1936 when gave up the throne to marry Mrs Simpson.

Belton was the ancestral home of the 6th Lord Brownlow, a close friend and Lord-in-Waiting to the king. As Prince of Wales, Edward had been a regular guest at Belton House and he visited again with Wallis Simpson, a twice-married American socialite, after their affair started.

News of the scandal broke in the disapproving British newspapers in December 1936, and Edward asked Lord Brownlow to escort Wallis to France to escape the furore. Advised by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin that the British people would never accept the king marrying a divorcee, Edward abdicated on 10th December 1936.

Prince Charles also stayed at Belton as a cadet completing his advanced flying training at nearby RAF College Cranwell. Today, the house is owned by the National Trust.

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