Hollywood came calling at Lincoln Cathedral to shoot the film version of Dan Brown's best-selling novel.

Lincoln Cathedral stood in for Westminster Abbey in this blockbuster starring double Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, Sir Ian McKellen and French actress Audrey Tatou. The Cathedral's Chapter House was draped with wall hangings painted with fake frescoes to imitate the abbey's interior. A reproduction of Sir Isaac Newton's tomb was specially created for a key scene. The great scientist and mathematician was born in Lincolnshire, and his birthplace and childhood home was Woolsthorpe Manor, near Grantham - now a National Trust property.

The Dean's Verger, John Campbell, recalls the balancing act of maintaining the cathedral's sacred role while accommodating a film crew of 450:


 I had to coordinate the scaffolding, electricity generators, health and safety, security of the set and the actors which was paramount, I had to  ensure that visitors were not in danger, and keep an eye on everything from light bulbs to scaffold poles!

A Royal Coronation

Lincoln Cathedral doubled for Westminster Abbey again in the stunning coronation scenes for the 2009 movie The Young Victoria. Starring Emily Blunt, the film dramatises the events leading up to Victoria's accession to the throne, and the early years of her relationship with Prince Albert.

'Lights, camera, action!' - Lincolnshire's starring role

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